Cropsaver™ Hay Preservative

Safe, Innovative Baling at High Moistures.

Maximize the number of acres baled per day with a chemically-buffered form of propionic acid formulated to prevent spoilage of valuable hay crops. New Holland CropSaver™ Hay Preservative is gentle on your baler with a pH of 6.0 that is as neutral as rainwater, yet it is just as effective as straight propionic acid. And, it works on all types of hay, including alfalfa, grass and other crops susceptible to spoilage at higher moistures.

Better Bale Quality

Hay baled at higher moistures can heat and spoil. New Holland CropSaver™ Hay Preservative will treat hay up to 30% moisture.

Untreated Hay Moisture Damage
16 - 22% Hay discoloration and odor can occur
23% - 26% Hay temperatures can climb to 120°F in storage; mold will begin to form and quality drops significantly
Over 27% Can result in temperatures over 140°F; hay can turn black and combust
crop saver

Calculate the Cropsaver™ Benefits:

  • Greener hay with higher feed value
  • No more waiting on the weather. Bale when you're ready at moistures up to 30%
  • Works well on all types of hay
  • Non-corrosive formula won't harm baling equipment, operators or livestock
  • Store treated hay for years. It will look and feed as fresh as when it was first baled
  • Store outside - CropSaver™ won't freeze or lose effectiveness over time
  • When compared to other preservatives, CropSaver™ is:

    Easier to apply

    Gives more consistent coverage

    Won't clog application equipment

CropSaver™ has been on the market over 15 years and is a clear favorite when it comes to preserving bales.

Better Bales With the Right Application Equipment.

Greener hay with high feed value is the ultimate goal of every producer. All it takes is the right application system. New Holland automatic applicator moisture sensors accurately "read" moisture percentages in real time, adjusting every three seconds to match hay conditions. Large or small, our application process means your crops are baled at the highest quality possible, with minimal product waste.

  • Large Square Balers

    CropSaver™ Hay Preservative is formulated with the large hay producer in mind. Bales produced between 16% and 27% moisture will not heat and will maintain their high quality, smell and appearance when treated with CropSaver.

    Large square balers
  • Round Balers

    Hay can be baled with CropSaver™ Hay Preservative at moistures up to 30% with a round baler, extending the hours of operation. Although no preservative product can reduce outside weathering, CropSaver™ can preserve the quality on the inside.

    Round balers
  • Small Square Balers

    CropSaver™ Hay Preservative enables hay to be baled at moistures up to 30% with small square balers. Get out in the fields early, even on cloudy days, and work later in the evenings when dew is heavier.

    Small square balers

Efficient design with you in mind

Tanks and saddles have been engineered to mount on all New Holland balers, as well as any other make and model, so they are easy to install, operate, and service, yet safely out of the way of other baler operations.

No Matter What Baler You Use, There Is a Model of New Holland Cropsaver™ Applicator for Your Implement.

An Automatic System Creates Exceptional Bales.

The automatic applicators work as you go, applying the right amount of preservative at the right time, based on moisture levels. You can bale faster and complete more tonnage while tracking the volume of preservative used. Application units attach to New Holland large square balers, conventional balers, smaller round balers or any manufacturer's baler.

Automatic Controls for Large Square Balers.


The new 600-Series Automatic Applicator System for large square balers makes baling quality hay easier and more efficient. Features include:

  • ISOBUS compatible
  • Control and application information displayed through monitor in cab (no need for second display)
  • Records bale information and job records
  • Provides capacity to add on additional features such as CropRFV™, CropID™ tagger, dye sprayer, bale weight information and GPS
  • Includes option to be controlled through the baler ISOBUS, or customer's iPad®

If a baler or tractor is not equipped with an ISOBUS monitor, the operator has the option of using their own iPad® or iPad mini™ with the addition of a Bluetooth® receiver. Any one of these options give the operator complete control and provides information for all the balers equipped with the automatic applicator. All monitors display:

  • Moisture content
  • Speed of baling (tonnage) on large square and small square balers
  • Volume of preservative used per bale
  • Target application rate and actual application rate
  • Total tons baled

The 600-Series Automatic Applicator System can be controlled by two displays:

  • IntelliView™ Monitor
  • iPad® or iPad mini™
Automatic controls for large square balers

Automatic controls for round and small square balers.

  • 300-Series

    The new automatic system for round and small square balers. Consisting of a redesigned and compact processor, and a single bypass pump that supplies constant pressure to a pulsing solenoid, it is an improvement in efficiency and response time for applying preservative. The operator has the option of running the applicator through their own iPad* or iPad mini™ via Bluetooth® for a clear, colorful display.

    The automatic system is able to store up to 60 job records by field name with total tons baled, average high moisture, date and time, and amount of preservative used.

    300 & 600-Series monitors display:

    • Moisture content
    • Speed of baling (tonnage)
    • Volume of preservative used per bale
    • Target application rate and actual application rate
    • Total tons baled
    * Requirements to run iPad® are 3rd Generation iPad® (2012 or newer) with iOS 8 or greater operating system, plus Harvest Tec App.
  • 600-Series

    The 600-Series Automatic Applicator System for round and small square balers makes baling hay and keeping track of bales virtually effortless. The system continuously monitors moisture readings and automatically adjusts application rates. It also features a USB port on the side of the processor, which allows job records to be downloaded onto a personal computer, and new software updates to be uploaded to the system. The system on small square balers has a built-in stroke counter to help the operator create a more consistent bale by monitoring the number of flakes per bale. The system on round balers has an additional sensor on the bale door to identify individual bales and provide a more accurate tonnage reading.

    600 series