Oil, Filters, and Batteries

Performance. Reliability. Long Life.

Lifebloods for Every Generation.

Whether it's the tractor that's also a family heirloom or an excavator with the latest technology, this one set of fluids optimizes all of your machines. These engine oils, hydraulic / transmission oils and coolants are formulated for performance, reliability and long life so you can keep all of your machines running at peak performance. When you stock up on these fluids, you'll have the right products for smart maintenance.

  • Mastergold™ Engine Oil

    With new emissions systems and ultra-low sulfur diesel, the way engine oil needs to be formulated has been changed. That's why New Holland crafted a new API Diesel engine oil that meets new CJ-4 classification. Mastergold™ Engine Oil no longer has additives that handle high fuel sulfur loads, and instead uses additives that stand up to increased cylinder pressures and higher combustion temperatures. This way, Mastergold™ Engine Oil can stand up to higher heat, maintain its lubricity, increase oil change intervals up to 600 hours and optimize the performance of all of your machines.

    • New formulation stands up to higher heat
    • Maintains lubricity even with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel
    • Compatible with all diesel-powered equipment
  • Mastertran™ Ultraction™ Hydraulic / Transmission Oil

    As New Holland develops new technology for their machines, they also develop some for the products that support them. So when we introduced CVT transmissions to our lineup, Mastertran™ Ultraction™ hydraulic / transmission oil was reengineered for higher levels of shear tolerance, responsive performance and to maintain its properties under extremely high pressures and loads. We designed Mastertran™ Ultraction™ to be a multiviscosity fluid, so it could maintain consistent power-transmitting qualities across a wide range of operating temperatures, yet still hold onto features that make the industry's leader for all machines.

    • Industry's highest level of water tolerance
    • Superior protection against corrosion and gear surface pitting
    • Maximizes efficiency and life of all your machines
  • Actifull™ OT Extended-Life Coolant

    Heavy-Duty Oat Coolant / Antifreeze

    Emissions requirements may continue to be held to more and more strict standards, but efficient New Holland engines continue to be ahead of the game with SCR-only technology. Tier 4B emissions require higher combustion temperatures and cylinder pressures. And we've responded by updating Actifull™ OT Extended-Life coolant to a formula that resists deposit buildup and other issues that can occur in extreme conditions. With this latest coolant, you can give all of your engines full protection.

    • Maximum protection for all engines - legacy to Tier 4B (conventional nitrite coolant systems need to be flushed three times prior to fill)
    • Keeps cool in higher combustion temperatures and cylinder pressures

Filter the Facts.

Not All 15 Micron Filters Perform the Same.

Fact Versus Truth: Understand the Whole Story.

Many will-fitters produce 15 micron filters. In theory, all 15 micron filters should provide the same amount of protection. But when tested side-by-side, genuine New Holland filters deliver up to 60x more protection against potentially damaging particles. That's because genuine New Holland makes sure its filters do what they're intended to do: PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT.

These Numbers Don't Lie.

For every 576 particles* that pass through, only genuine New Holland filters have a 99.1% efficiency rating.

number lie
*15 micron particles

Superior Components Make the New Holland Difference.

  • canister


    Smooth end and corners resist pressure cracks


    Sharp edges/wrench flats create pressure points and potential fluid leakage

  • spring


    Robust, heavier gauge wire provides strong seal pressure

    Wide-diameter provides stable filter support and prevents rocking


    Small spring

    Small diameter

  • filter media


    Synthetic, high-capacity media



    Cellulose, low-capacity media

    Low-efficiency - see chart above

  • seal


    Provides critical seal directly between element and baffle

    Provides anti-drain back sealing upon engine shutdown


    Seal placement and thin profile may allow dirty fluid to pass

  • baffle


    High-strength shaped baffle

    Maintains shape and seal


    Flat, flexible baffle

    Flexes and cracks under stress

Cheaper Products Have Costlier Consequences.

As diesel engines operate, vibration of the cylinders creates microscopic bubbles in the coolant that attach to the cylinder liners. These bubbles can implode with a force of over 15,000 PSI. This collapse can blast small holes in the cylinder liner. Without the protection of a heavy-duty coolant, the result is liner cavitation. Over time, liner cavitation can allow coolant to enter the engine oil. This compromises the lubrication of the engine oil and results in excess friction, which ultimately leads to engine failure. Many competitive coolants don't provide adequate protection against this. Actifull™ OT Extended-Life coolant offers superior liner cavitation protection by covering internal parts with a robust film that takes the abuse of implosions to avoid premature engine failure.


Media Comparison* - Microloc.™

Synthetic media are superior to cellulose in several ways. They have straight, round fibers, which allow oil to flow through faster, lowering restriction, especially when the oil is cold.

This allows the oil to get to the bearings and the top of the engine much faster to help reduce wear, especially in start up.

And, because synthetic fibers are smaller than those of cellulose media, smaller pores are formed which leads to finer filtration and reduced engine wear.

  • cellulose

    Cellulose (Paper)

  • synthetic

    Media MicroLoc™ Synthetic Media

Genuine New Holland Hydraulic Filters

As one of the first users of high-performance synthetic media in hydraulic and transmission filters, we continue to deliver the optimum balance of efficiency and capacity with genuine New Holland filters.

  • Dirt-Loading Test - 4.4% more dirt-holding capacity.* Maximize your service life.
  • High-Viscosity Pressure Drop - 25% less restriction.* Cold starts generally cause high pressure through the system, which can force oil to bypass a filter.
  • Media-Rupture Test - 6.8% stronger.* If filter media ruptures, unfiltered fluid can circulate through transmission and hydraulic components, leading to premature wear or failure.

Genuine New Holland Fuel Filters

Few things will impact your productivity faster than a low-quality fuel filter. With the extremely high injection pressures and tight tolerances of today's low-emissions engines, it doesn't take much dirt to clog a fuel system and stall an engine - and you work in a lot of dirt. Choose the best protection.

  • Durable MicroLoc™ proprietary media delivers high-efficiency filtration in the toughest environments
  • Higher efficiency without loss of capacity increases service life
  • Better injector and fuel pump protection
  • Proprietary media utilized in fuel/water separators dramatically improves the removal of both the removal of both free and emulsified water. Makes servicing easier, cleaner and quicker.

Genuine New Holland Engine Oil Filters

Your off-road equipment generates more usable horsepower than ever before - much more than automotive engines. Tighter tolerances, higher temperatures and severe-duty cycles of off-road engines require high-quality filtration and increased durability without sacrificing filter life.

  • Our MicroLoc™ synthetic media is 70% more efficient in filtering critical contaminants as compared to paper-based filter media
  • Improved cold flow allows filtered oil to reach the engine more quickly
  • Delivers high-soot tolerance and dirt-holding capacity for greater filter life
Competitor 110.7 4.4% Greater Capacity
New Holland 115.7
Competitor 226 6.8% Stronger
New Holland 242
*Results from a field test of CNH Industrial filter (84226263) versus competitive filter. Dirt-Loading test ISO 16889.
  • hydraulic filter
  • fuel filter
  • oil

  • Powercore® G2 Engine Air Filters

    Filtration Technology offers size reduction and geometric flexibility to overcome space constraints resulting from today's complex emissions systems.

    • Reduced space needs
    • Increased dust and soot holding capacity
    • Dust is contained during servicing
    • Reduced restriction across the filter
    • Delivers 3x more capacity and is up to 10x more efficient
    • Ultra-Web Media nanofibers have submicron diameters and small interfiber spaces, which result in more contaminant being captured on the surface of the media and lower restriction.
    • Advanced RadialSeal™ provides a super-tight seal in rough conditions.
    air filters
  • Genuine New Holland Engine Air Filters

    Did you know a typical diesel engine requires more than 8,000 gallons of clean air for every gallon of fuel it burns?*

    The better your engine can breathe, the better it can work. For optimum performance and engine protection, use only genuine New Holland engine air filters.

    • Continuous element media
    • Our air filters deliver up to 3x more efficiency than conventional filters, so they can stop smaller contaminants. The superior synthetic media catches particles a tenth the diameter of a human hair.
    • Pleatloc™ media spacing for improved life
    • Superior wet and dry strength
    • Urethane seals and molded- in-place gaskets
    • Advanced RadialSeal™ provides a super-tight seal in rough conditions
    • Improved contaminant encapsulation - dust and dirt won't dislodge during service
    * Source: Donaldson Filters, Brochure No. F111080
  • Genuine New Holland Activated Carbon Fresh Air Cab Filters

    Breathe easier with genuine New Holland carbon cab filters.

    They combine a highly-effective synthetic media with odorabsorbing activated charcoal to remove dust and allergens as well as noxious odors before they reach the operator.

    • Synthetic media captures dust, pollens and other allergens without air flow restriction
    • Easy to install and remove - no modification to existing housing
    • No mess carbon is bonded to the filter media so no need to add loose carbon refill
    • Activated carbon-impregnated media absorbs odors before reaching the operator
  • air filters

All-Makes Filters:

Protect the Health of All Your Machines in One Stop.

Our all-makes filter program offers a comprehensive line of Fleetguard® air, coolant, fuel, hydraulic and lube filtration products for all vehicle applications. The Fleetguard product line allows us to offer you a "one-stop shop" for all your filter needs.

Filters for Every Fleet

Fleetguard has over 8,300 products covering the widest range of air, lube, fuel and hydraulic filters in the heavy- duty industry.

  • All brands of agricultural equipment
  • Automotive applications
  • Industrial engines
  • Lawn equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • Boats

Meets OEM Specifications

Fleetguard engineers all products to meet OEM specifications to ensure engines and other systems get maximum life.

Other Features and Benefits

  • 24/7 customer assistance and service engineering support
  • Fleetguard filters are also available in single quantities - see your dealer for detail
  • Dependable by Design.

    Long-Lasting by Principle.

    Want to optimize your uptime? Use a battery built for productivity. New Holland SmartStart™ batteries are built with higher vibration resistance and heavier lead components so they last longer than automotive batteries. Flame-treated vertical ribs provide extra support for extreme conditions, making these battery cases twenty percent stronger than the competition. Performance, excellence and efficiency - New Holland SmartStart™ batteries.

    for More Information on New Holland Smartstart™ Batteries, Contact Us Today.

  • batteries
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